Frank Hornby was born in Liverpool in 1863. His name lives on today in Hornby Railways properly the most popular OO Model Railways in Britain. Its forerunner HornbyDublo was started by Frank Hornby. However he is also known for 2 other products Meccano the construction set made at Frank Hornby's factories at Duke Street and later and famously at Binns Road Liverpool now sadly gone. Meccano though is still produced today. The other product is Dinky Cars made from the late 1930's until the late 1970's at Binns Road. The name is now owned by rival Matchbox.


This site is apart of a four site group that looks at the history of these products and the later similar products that have been produced over the decades. As well as downloadable products that can be used in conjunction with Model Railways, Diecast and Meccano.





Downloadable Meccano Manuals


These are on our sister site What is more they are free. Covering from the beginning of Mechanics made easy in 1901 to the closure of Binns Road in 1979.


Diecast History


We look at the history of Diecast from the start of Dinky in the 1930's through the Matchbox, Corgi and Spot-On ranges of the 50;s and 60's to the more modern Lledo range down to the present day.


Meccano Web Ring